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Software download for handheld spectrometers.


Lumini Series Spectrometer Software

Step 1: Download the software Step 2: Plug-in the Spectrometer Step 3: Aim at light source and observe the spectra
  • Multiplatform spectrometry software for Mac OS X, Windows 7,8,10 and Linux
  • Server – client architecture
  • Plug-in to server, control your experiment remotely
  • Free updates
  • Compatible with Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Raspberry Zero, Beaglebone, BBC microbit
  • Currently the app is in closed beta testing for customers only
  • We provide download link to customers after purchase

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Spectruino Software

Effective December 31st, 2019, we are stopping the production of this product.
Existing customers remain supported in case of repairs and RMA cases.
The next generation of the product is available now on stock! Lumini T portable UV VIS NIR Raspberry Pi spectrometer
- Spectruino software was written in Processing - Compatible with Mac OS X, Windows, Linux - You can download and test in simulation mode - All sources are included - Creative Commons license terms apply - We would love to hear about your application and what you do with spectrometry

Spectruino mySight3 Instructions

Spectruino mySight3 Mac OS X

Spectruino mySight3 Win 10

Spectruino mySight3 Linux

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Andrej Mosat

My research interests include applied spectroscopy, photonics, mathematical modeling and rapid development and manufacturing techniques.