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Since 2012, myspectral team is working with the best professionals to create high quality, sustainable scientific instruments.

Rapid prototyping of custom spectrometers

Building spectrometers is our passion. Ever since we have created the first open source spectrometer in the world – Spectruino, we haven’t stopped with the development and innovation. Currently, we offer professional, rugged, portable, and ultralight spectrometers, spectrophotometers, and spectrometric cameras measuring irradiance, absorbance, reflected spectrum, chemical components or electromagnetic radiation analysis.

Do you have specific requirements and need a custom product? Our team is up for a challenge. We are proud to provide an excellent customer experience and develop professional spectrometer devices to meet your needs. We have experience in product development of custom spectrometers, field spectrophotometers and spectrometric cameras for use in various industries, including the food industry, optical metrology systems or space and stratospheric missions.

Spectroscopy Applications

Spectrometry of light sources, lasers, environment

  • Radiometer – Measure irradiance of light sources, LED, laser, sun, Internet of Things Sensor for Sunlight, public lighting.

  • Spectrometer – Measure reflected spectrum from four spectrally balanced lights reflected from surfaces. IoT NDVI index, Normalized Difference Vegetation Index, whiteness of papers, walls, chemical and environmental agents, and more.

  • Spectrophotometer – Measure light passing through a cuvette containing liquids of various colors. With spectrometric camera mode, you can even observe kinetics of reactions, measure adding of concentrates to beverages online, or measure turbidity and fluorescence of liquids, algae, phytoplankton.

  • Custom OEM spectrometer – Spectrometer, spectroradiometer with Arduino, microbit and Raspberry Pi.


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Myspectral delivers to all continents and to lower orbit

Myspectral Mission Statement

Spectrometers with quality certificate, build to last, sustainable.

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Optical Metrology Systems

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Spectrometers Space and Stratospheric Missions

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Products and Projects

List of myspectral products and projects in applied spectrometry


Lumini T

Spectrometric handheld camera for reflectance and irradiance measurements.

Lumini One

Spectrometric handheld camera with integrated light source for reflectance and irradiance measurements.

Lumini Two

Spectrometric handheld camera with integrated light source for reflectance and irradiance measurements. Integrated battery and OLED …

Spectruino Three

Spectrometric handheld sensor, plug and play with USB and any operating system.

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Future hardware development conference talk highlighting the possibilities in the field.

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