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Myspectral delivers to all continents and to lower orbit

Myspectral Mission Statement

Spectrometers with quality certificate, build to last, sustainable.

Spectroscopy in Food Industry

Measuring Quality of Virgin Olive Oil with Spectrometers High demand for extra virgin olive oil made this article a profitable target …

Optical Metrology Systems

Are your glasses really UV protected? UV light can be really dangerous for the eyes. According to multiple studies, UV rays were linked …

Spectrometers Space and Stratospheric Missions

Rugged Spectrometers for Space and Stratospheric missions In 2014, two of the spectrometers have been launched from International Space …

Download software

Fully open source software for our line of spectrometers.

Spectruino Installation

Myspectral Spectruino spectrometer for Arduino and Raspberry pi