Spectruino Three

Spectruino Three portable USB spectrometer

Myspectral Spectruino Three handheld spectrometer, USB Mac OSX, Windows and Linux powered
Effective December 31st, 2019, we are stopping the production of this product.
Existing customers remain supported in case of repairs and RMA cases.
The next generation of the product is available now on stock! Lumini T portable UV VIS NIR Raspberry Pi spectrometer

Spectruino THREE UV VIS Spectrometer

Spectruino is the first open source, Arduino based spectrometer. Third generation is the lightest yet, built from Aluminum frame and EPDM light foam, it can withstand the extremes of Stratospheric missions, or the comfort of your home or robotic class. It measures sunlight, albedo, LEDs, lasers and has even been used for Raman spectrometer construction.

Attention: Spectruino 3 does not include calibration!

Calibration for wavelength is optional and sold separately, as some customers prefer just pixel readings!

Spectruino spectrometer comes with light intensity vs. pixel # output as a standard, i.e. uncalibrated.

If you would like light intensity vs. calibrated wavelength output, please add this service to your order. You will receive a calibration .txt file and installation instructions for the software. The calibration file only works with your individual device. If more devices are ordered, several calibration files shall be selected.


Measurement Capability: Irradiance, Spectrum Diagram

Wavelength Range: 400 ~ 760 nm* (only for calibrated units, basic version only shows pixel #)

Optical Resolution: < 10 nm, estimated from red laser measurement @650 nm, >8 nm theoretical with 100 μm slit

Wavelength Accuracy: < 4 nm

Integration Time: < 10 ms ~ 60 s

Relative Intensity Level Resolution: 256 by 8bit A/D converter

Interface with Smartphones: None

Built-in light sources: None

Power: USB 2.0

Data I/O: USB 2.0

Dimensions LxWxH: 65 L x 26 W x 102 H mm

*) Attention: Spectruino 3 does not contain the calibration file. Calibration for wavelength is optional and provided separately!

Spectruino Software

  • Spectruino software was written in Processing.
  • Compatible with Mac OS X, Windows, Linux
  • You can download and test in simulation mode.
  • All sources are included.
  • Creative Commons license terms apply.
  • We would love to hear about your application and what you do with spectrometry.

Download from GitLab

Additional information

Weight 0.3 kg
Dimensions 20 × 10 × 5 cm
Calibration service: Uncalibrated, Calibrated

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Spectruino Arduino spectrometer applications

Andrej Mosat

My research interests include applied spectroscopy, photonics, mathematical modeling and rapid development and manufacturing techniques.